My night with Taylor Swift

Last night was the first of five sold-out concerts for Taylor Swift at Staples Center. This was also my first time seeing her. I have been a fan for years and this night was going to be great. I just didn’t know how great it would actually be.

Since I wanted to stand out from the crowd and have fun with the show, I decided to make a costume. My costume was the costume from her music video, “You Belong with Me”. Wearing the costume was a fantastic experience because I felt so comfortable with all the positive feedback I received for it.

I made sure to go to the Taylor Nation booth because I heard about them helping out fans. The line was long but I knew this place was important. I passed the time by chatting with fellow fans. Everyone there was so nice! Once it was almost my time, one of the members of the booth talked with my dad and me. I told him about my appreciation for old Taylor and this show was my first. He took notice of that and he decided to give us front row seats to the show!

This was the best news ever! I never sat in the floor seats but that changed thanks to him. Sitting on the floor was an experience I could not take for granted. The catwalk was right next to me and everything was so close. Seeing Taylor closeup was better than the pictures. Hearing and watching her perform was a dream. The dancers, the costumes, the imagery, the songs, the seats, and everything was fantastic! This night was a dream come true!

My advice to people going to the next four shows is to make yourself heard at Taylor Nation and if that doesn’t work out, then dance the night away and shake it off. You never know what great things could happen.

Taylor Swift performs “Welcome to New York”



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