Woodbridge offers a fun start to the cross country season

Hundreds of cross country teams, including Bonita’s, across the state gathered for the 35th Woodbridge Invitational on September 18th and 19th.

Woodbridge is a favorite among the runners because of the great conditions. They don’t have to deal with the hills they are used to running on, and the temperature was cooler because the races took place at night.

“It’s one of my favorite races I do in the season and it’s really fun because it’s at night and there’s a lot of people. Usually a lot of people PR (personal record), so they get their best times because it’s just fun, it’s at night, and it’s at this really cool park,” said senior Alicia Villarreal.

Villarreal finished with 18:36.4 and was 25th in her division. Senior Kelsey Creese was the top finisher for Bonita with 18:00.4, her personal best.

Bonita did well in their races and finished high in the rankings. The girls finished eighth out of 21 teams and the boys were 27th out of 30 in the Varsity Rated Division.

“This year, the boys’ Varsity team was in the rated race, so it’s not just a normal race. It’s a higher stakes, you have to get invited and placed in that race,” said senior Noah Anderson. “That upped the competition and made it more fun.”

Anderson was 33rd in his division, with 15:32.1, and won a plaque for being one of the top finishers.

“My main goal for Woodbridge was for me to lead my team first of all. I had to represent for Bonita and do my best and try to place as high as I could because I was going to be our first finisher,” he added.

The boys and girls did well after only having three days of recovery from their league meet on Wednesday. A main goal for the both in this meet was to do the best they could and not be tired.

The workouts this year have helped greatly with the team’s performance in this meet. More miles are added to the varsity team’s workouts, and this meet proved that the workouts are contributing to their success.

“Our workouts have definitely been harder than it’s ever been, especially in out of all the four years I have been here. I think this is the hardest training we’ve ever done but it’s been working and it’s been beneficial because our results are faster than they’ve ever been,” said Villarreal.

Things are looking up for the cross country team. Their tough workouts are proving to be working and the team will definitely be one to watch this year.


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