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‘Thoughts of the Youth’: A bitter thought about Trump, please

The youth of this generation are disillusioned, cynical, bitter. We are forced to deal with what the older generations have handed to us. We strive to be recognized, to be accepted. Articles under the ‘Thoughts of the Youth’ detail our struggles, our passions, our gifts, our nightmares.

Vulnerable. Entitlement. Diversity. Transgender. Fetus. Evidence-Based. Science-Based.

As I read this list of seven words, I could not believe my eyes. These seven words were banned by the Trump administration on December 15 to be used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention while creating a budget plan for their next year’s budget. The information comes from an anonymous analyst, who “…expressed outrage at the mandate from on-high, which seems specifically designed to block out certain avenues of research… from receiving any form of federal funding.” And yet, this is just another extremely depressing move in a series of extremely depressing moves underneath the Trump administration in the last several weeks.

The issue here, however, is more dangerous in the future than it is now. Yes, it is bad right now that he has officially banned the CDC from using those words; this article is not to disregard the current situation.

After all, the current situation is what leads to the future. But the fact that hot topics such as LGBTQ+ and abortion-related issues will have an extremely hard time being federally funded is a kick to the face by the Trump administration.

The separate phrases offered are not just flimsy, but an outright joke. Instead of saying “science-based” or “evidence-based,” for example, the offered phrase states that the “CDC bases its recommendations on science in consideration with community standards and wishes”.

“Fetus.” “Transgender.” “Entitlement.” Cynical as the Internet is, these words, if any, would be expected to show up on this list. After all, Donald Trump has a history of sexually predatory, anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ and pro-corporation statements and actions.

It is deplorable that he would choose to create this list, but it fits in right with the line of his twisted vision. Threatened by minorities and their positions against him, it makes sense that Trump would attempt to silence these movements. Even “Diversity” could be reasoned by the opinion that Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobic and ableist individual, and that he would therefore be an opponent to diversity.

But the three remaining phrases and their banning signify a much darker and more sad reality.  A common argument by Trump supporters is that he is a logical person, that his arguments makes sense, that he is only impeded by “fake news” relying on false, not true evidence.

To those supporters, this banning should serve as a wake-up call. Why would Trump, if his “argument” is the key to the idea that he is right, ban the phrase “Evidence-base”? The answer, obviously, is that he does not believe in using evidence or science in argumentation. He never has.

The most predatory-like removal of all: “Vulnerable.” Banning the usage of the word “Vulnerable” is a clear middle finger to those who are in need, who are minorities and who are in danger from the system.

It’s almost depressingly ironic that much of Trump’s voters were honest-working, middle-class white men who were frustrated with the current political environment and needed change. Trump promised that, but what has changed? He has not “drained the swamp,” or “built a wall,” or fulfilled any of his major campaign promises.

But what has changed is the respectability of America? Just recently, the Federal Communications Commission voted to get rid of net neutrality. With the rise of sexual harassments being revealed, Trump has disregarded and pushed aside his accusers, the number of which continues to grow.

He has goaded racial tensions forward, ruined many international relations with America, created divide within America and is now actively working towards an Orwellian state. Trump’s slogan is “Make America Great Again.” He’s made America a place of hatred, of division, of racism, of sexism, of injustice and of corporate interests. Not “Great.”

We fight back, we take stands, we call senators, we text RESIST to 50409 and we complain on social media. But as I scroll through my news feed, looking at the repealing of net neutrality, the lack of attention to sexual harassment, and the banning of seven words, I can’t help but feel bitter.