(Photo courtesy of Sushi Miyagi)
Brentwood School

Review: Sushi Miyagi in Brentwood provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience

Delicately placed salmon on top of six perfectly cut rectangles of rice is one of the many delicious dishes that can be found at Sushi Miyagi. Sushi Miyagi is a specialized sushi restaurant, which is sure to become a staple for the Brentwood community.

It is located at the corner of the Brentwood Village, on 150 S Barrington Ave., Los Angeles.

It is run by Chef Shinichi Miyagi and his wife. The relatively small restaurant boasts a warm, minimalist style with Japanese wooden panels along the walls.

Chef Miyagi moved to Los Angeles from Japan and has been working as a sushi chef since he was 16. He owned many sushi restaurants in Japan and worked in restaurants in Manhattan Beach. After two years, he found the perfect spot to open his first restaurant in Los Angeles.

Miyagi is an expert who is well worth trusting for the chef’s choice menu. 

Sushi Miyagi opened on Aug. 1 last year. Due to the current quarantine, the restaurant is experiencing a temporary closure for dining in but offers to take out for dinner. 

For lunch, they offer a variety of bowls and boxes. This concept is unlike most other sushi restaurants because it does not offer individual pieces of sushi or rolls unless it is in addition to one of the bowls or boxes. 

Sushi Miyagi offers delicious sushi, unique dining experience and is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion that can promise high-quality sushi.

Every item is specially picked out Miyagi Omakase style, which means, “I’ll leave it up to you,” as in leave it to the chef.

Miyagi has a unique way of preparing fish, in traditional Japanese style, which brings out the flavor. The fish is flown in fresh from Japan and Miyagi never uses frozen fish and one can definitely taste the difference.

He acts as an artist as he prepares the dishes in a way that is unlike other chef’s in Los Angeles. For example, he uses a blow torch to sear the butterfish, which adds a new twist. His supply of seasonal fish allows him to change the menu frequently.

The restaurant also offers an aging toro and other aging fish, which adds levels of richness. The aging process is complicated and requires a master to execute it correctly. The enzymes break down fats and proteins into sugars and soften the fish, allowing it to melt in your mouth.

“All types of food frequently change in style, including sushi, but while doing that, I keep my Japanese soul and old-style,” chef and owner Miyagi said.

One of the many crowd-pleasing items on the menu is the Omakase Chirashi Bowl. It is a bowl of sushi rice under different types of sashimi and one piece of blow-torched butterfish. Miso soup and salad with a miso dressing are included as the appetizer. Certain types of hand rolls can be added onto this delicious bowl, such as their fresh crab and tuna rolls.

The combination of an intimate environment, amazing food and a unique cooking style provides a one of a kind dining experience.