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TikTokers breaking social distancing regulations

Many celebrities have been adhering to the quarantine guidelines and are staying safe at home, but there are some social media influencers who have not.

Social media creators should act as role models. By being irresponsible and attending parties, they are giving the message that the social distancing guidelines are not serious. When people in the public eye do not follow the guidelines, their followers will then think that they can do the same.

One infamous incident took place at TikToker Bryce Hall’s 21st birthday party at the Sway House in August 2020, where he lives along with a group of other creators. Over 100 maskless people attended the party before the Los Angeles Police Department shut it down, according to Insider.

This was not the first party that these TikTokers had thrown. About ten days prior to this party, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that he would shut off water and power services to people who held large gatherings.

According to Dexerto.com, the Sway House was punished and their power was turned off.

The city of Los Angeles pressed charges against Hall and Blake Gray, another member of the Sway House, for hosting parties and repeatedly violating health orders, according to Insider.

In an article in TubeFiler, Mike Feuer, L.A. city attorney, discussed the issues of partying during the pandemic.

“Party houses during this pandemic aren’t just sources of noise… In this public health crisis, they are a source of great danger to many of us,” Feuer said.

About a month before the Sway House party, the Hype House, another mansion where around 20 TikTokers live, threw a large birthday party for Larri Merritt also known as “LARRY.” Many other large influencers attended the party including YouTubers James Charles and Nikkita Dragun and TikTokers Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, according to Insider.

Those in attendance did not practice social distancing or wear masks. Many influencers who attended the party later apologized and Charles and Dragun shared that they both tested negative for COVID-19, according to Insider. LARRY also apologized and said that he deeply regrets throwing the party.

Though some have not contracted COVID-19, an influencer Elijah Daniel tweeted that many people did test positive for the virus, but chose not to share the news with the public.

Although there have not been as many parties thrown recently, influencers are still not following guidelines. On a daily basis, they spend time together in large groups without wearing masks and without social distancing. Many influencers do wear masks in public, but frequently take them off to take pictures with fans or talk to the paparazzi.

If influencers would follow the social distancing guidelines, it would lead to many of their followers being more careful, causing less spread of the coronavirus.