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Homelessness in Los Angeles

Source: Imgur,com, @indoomgur

A homeless man holds up sign in LA (Source: The Gospel Herald, Reuters/Lucy Nicholson)

Today as I was driving to work, a homeless man standing by a freeway exit in Glendale, Calif. caught my eye. As a observed the situation, I witnessed dozens of people pass by the man on the windy, cold L.A. afternoon, not a single person sacrificed a dollar.

Now whether you know it or not, homelessness rate in Los Angeles have increased more than 12 percent in the last 10 years, what could be the cause?

LA County home prices have increased 10 percent in 2017, having the median home price in Los Angeles become $600,200 according to Zillow.com. With a overflowing population of young adults moving here to follow a new trend of the “American dream,” but this time, they’re not aiming for Ellis Island, but for Los Angeles.

Although, having the “American dream” being embedded in everyones minds that you can find it at Los Angeles, not everything here ends happy and glamorous as the expect it to be.

America should stop giving false hope of the American dream and actually start GIVING what Americans need (Source: thesocialleader.com)

In Los Angeles, about 57,000 to 58,000 people are homeless across the county, could the cause be the overflowing population, expensive home prices and false hope here in LA?

Here is the side of Los Angeles not shown in movies.  (Source KTLA, Jabin Botsford / Los Angeles Times)

According to Salvation Army, common causes of homelessness can be:

With the overflowing population, Los Angeles realtors want to make as much as profit as they can from the demand of houses. With this population increase, of course the demand will increase.

What the rich realtors of Los Angeles dont realize is that the average household income of an individual in Los Angeles is $55,909 according to LA Weekly.

So with all these facts, wouldn’t it conclude that the main cause of the unglamorous part of Los Angeles, homelessness, could be the lack of affordable housing?

The average rent for a one bedroom apartment approximates around $2,000 or more! Whereas in Portland, Maine, perhaps the average rent for a one bedroom apartment would be around $500 to $700, doesn’t that sound nice. So it’s not a shocker that places like Portland, Maine don’t have as much as homeless individuals than Los Angeles does.

Example of a average one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles (Source Zillow.com)

However, yes, the visible counterargument to my point that the cause to LA’s homelessness is just part of the fact that the population of Los Angeles is 3.976 million.

3.976 million due to the mindset America has embedded upon outsiders of Los Angeles and it’s own citizens; and that mindset is that, here in Los Angeles, if you work hard enough and keep having hope, you can achieve the American dream! Now that sounds like a plot for a musical, sound familiar?

But, don’t get me wrong, I do believe everybody should go and work hard for what they want to do in life, even if they think they can find here in Los Angeles, just don’t expect something magical will keep you on you constant journey towards success.

But if you ask me, it isn’t that hard to decrease the value on the house market so we can get people on the street and residents of los angeles to have a proper home and comfortable bed to sleep on at nights. Then maybe then, our crime rate could decrease as well?

Skid Row, a neighborhood in Los Angeles known for its abundance of homelessness and crimes. (Source: NPR.COM, Robyn Beck/AFP Images/Getty Images)

So, politicians and public service workers of Los Angeles, my message to you is, stop claiming you care about giving money to public schools, helping the poor work, or fixing our roads. Stop talking and start doing!


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