Cajon High School

Community gives back to homeless in need

Different perspectives are brought around different people based on their background and where they come from. Coming from San Bernardino, we are depicted as poor and underprivileged.

San Bernardino has been labeled as one of the most dangerous cities in the state. Being classified as this can either make our community feel determined to change our condition or it can bring us down as a society. It is reasonable that anyone regardless of where they come from can be successful if they persevere.

Driving around town I come across the homeless who have, for one reason or another, given up on life. Many adults or even teenagers abandon their home due to personal reasons or family issues. To help the various age groups placed upon this situation there are many organizations that are willing to help the community by offering different services.

One of the many organizations is located here in San Bernardino called Young Visionaries Homeless Youth Outreach. This nonprofit organization was funded by Terrance Stone, who changed his “gang-like life” to serve God and benefit his community.

The purpose of Young Visionaries is to provide emergency shelter and youth development programs to those in need in the Inland Empire. By doing so, Young Visionaries creates well-rounded individuals who straighten out their life in providing a safer community for everyone. Through their development programs, Young Visionaries helps individuals by providing support and advice.

This non-profit organization is making a difference in our San Bernardino community through their help and desires to see youths be successful. Young Visionaries is only one of the many organizations that are willing to help out our community and those who are in serious trouble.

Though this is the case, there are thousands of families who are and will be successful in the future. Many of my family members, despite coming to a strange country at a young age, were able to be successful.

My parents came to the United States and put up with the challenge of being undocumented. Their position put them in a difficult place where they had to overcome several obstacles to get where they are now. Both of my parents, despite their limitations, were able to become United States citizens and get jobs. Through their desire to live a good life, I was able to have a good childhood growing up without much trouble. My family remembers it being a hard journey but not an un-reachable goal to be successful.

I am positive there are many families out there dealing with poverty and similar issues to those of my family, but I genuinely believe that if everyone tried their best to be successful in a city where the possibilities are endless then we can achieve our personal goals. It might be harder for others, but we can and will be successful.