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Is it really a lost cause?

It’s almost like a fad now to say that San Bernardino sucks and you’re gonna get shot and all that fun stuff. That is true to some extent, but it’s really not that bad. Some may say that there are reasons for staying.

This city’s demise began with the closing of Norton Air Force Base and Fontana Steel. With those went hundreds of white-collar jobs. It’s pretty sad to be honest. This city was once on the map. It was a city that everyone wanted to live, labeled the “All America City.”

I remember seeing a poster years ago that said “It’s a good day in San Bernardino.” That may have been the case back then. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

I live in the north end of this city, considered to be the better part. And that is true to some extent. As soon as you hit downtown and into the flats, things start to look off. It’s really dirty and abandoned buildings are everywhere. Some gangs hang out in the flats, which is kind of the gang central for San Bernardino.

However, there is a lot this city has to offer. For example, we have the first McDonald’s on E Street. We all know how huge McDonald’s is, and even if McDonald’s isn’t really willing to admit that it all started here. Also, we have California State University, San Bernardino. People from all over the world come here just to go to that college. It’s a very, highly rated college.

In addition there’s California Theater. California Theater was established in 1928 as a movie palace hosting vaudeville acts. Eventually, it expanded into a theater hosting concerts, plays, musicals, and many other things. It’s not the best theater around, but it’s still fairly good.

Some people come long distances to see what the California Theater hosting. Not too many other theaters around here host concerts. There’s many Broadway shows that come to that theater. Even some famous Broadway actors come to perform here. That’s something at least. In fact, not many other cities have a theater quite like this. Even if they do it’s just strictly for plays and musicals or it’s just a community theater.

This city is not what it once was, but there’s hope. People need to stop getting into the fad and look at San Bernardino for what it is: a city of everyday people. Sure some areas are better than others but that’s the case with most cities.

Finally, San Bernardino has character. It’s a very racially diverse city with people of all types in it. It’s to the point where one can stay and help improve this city hands on, leave to find good elsewhere and bring the good back to this city, or just leave and give up entirely.

In the end, San Bernardino is a flawed city. It could be way better, but it’s far from the worst in my opinion. Hope is not lost. It needs its residents to step up and help improve it.

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