MOLAA: Envisioning the future of Latin American art

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The Museum of Latin American Art, or MOLAA, is the only art museum in the United States that focuses on Latin American art. It resides in Long Beach and features works from Tamayo and Matta to Cruz-Diez, Los Carpinteros and Tunga.

MOLAA is run by Lourdes Ramos, who is the president and director. Ramos describes MOLAA as a museum that is known as a flagship institution within the us and a pioneer for Latin American art.

The museum’s vision is based on four values: accessibility, diversity, innovation, and inclusion. These concepts work together to keep the doors of MOLAA open to everyone and to make the museum more complete.

“When we talk about innovation, this will take place with all the recreational programs that we have available to provoke conversation regarding Latin American arts,” Ramos said, but also added that the art works to tie in other cultures.

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