Cajon High School

No limit to my experiences

When people hear you’re from San Bernardino, they think of a violent, poverty-stricken city and automatically put you into that stereotype. I have lived in this city my whole life, my mother was raised here, along with her two sisters. My grandpa was in the Air Force so he was transferred to Norton Air Force base in San Bernardino.

Living in this city has not stopped my family from prospering and reaching their achievements, such as going to college and owning their own business. My mother has two jobs, working seven days a week to be able to do the things we have been able to do. Although neither of my parents work in the city of San Bernardino, this has been our home since I was born. Coming from what people see as “the ghetto” has not rendered me from experiencing what I have.

Throughout my 17 years, I have been very blessed to experience the things I have. From traveling all over the country, to going to playoff Dodger games, to concerts to see my favorite artists. I have been able to travel to some of the most wonderful places in our country, my favorites being New York, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. I’ve had the opportunity to visit some of the best museums in our country and gone to see plays in some of the most famous theaters. Being raised in San Bernardino has not stopped me from living the life I want to live or held me back from anything I wanted to accomplish. I don’t let the stereotypes or bad descriptors of my city define my life.