Cajon High School

Two cities

Have you ever had someone talk bad about something you love or something that means so much to you? Many people are quick to judge an object, place, or person because of something they heard or saw. What some people do not understand is that there are multiple perspectives. Whether it comes from a friend, a sister, a parent, a news reporter, or authority, everyone interprets the story in their own way.

This is my story. A story on my perspective on a city that is considered one of the most dangerous cities in California. A place I now call home.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and before my freshman year began, my family and I moved to San Bernardino. The reason for moving: my mom wanted to buy and have her own house. My mom chose not to buy house in LA because the houses were smaller and pricier versus in San Bernardino the houses are bigger and for a better price. This does not mean that the houses are any prettier or uglier than the homes in the opposite cities.

The move was big; having to move into a new community, go to a new school, meet new people, it was difficult. The beginning of my freshman year was hard because I did not know anyone, I did not talk to anyone and it was hard to make friends due to the fact that I am really quiet and shy. I have been living in San Bernardino for two years now. I am appreciative for the things I have, the people I have met, and overall my family and where I live.

Los Angeles and San Bernardino from my perspective are two totally different cities, including the neighborhoods, the people, stores, and organizations. San Bernardino with its 200,000 population is an ant compared to Los Angeles with its 3.8 million population. Although San Bernardino’s population is small, the community itself has a great amount of diversity; people and shops, many amazing restaurants, fast food places, and shopping centers.

Perspective matters and it is important that people outside of San Bernardino know and understand all the wonderful things, places, and people in this city. Over the last two years of living here, I have often heard or seen people talk about San Bernardino’s nice area and the not-so nice area. This makes people think that if one lives in the not-so nice area of San Bernardino, they are suddenly bad people or they can not pursue anything greater than what others assume. That is not true. Just because it is not what you want it to be does not mean it is not better on the inside.

Living in San Bernardino does not hold us back from the things we want and the careers or dreams that we want to pursue. We will push forward until we reach our maximum and get where we imagine ourselves to be in the future.

San Bernardino is my home and it is home to many people and families. Do not be quick to judge a book by its cover.