(Photos courtesy of Arielle Martinez Cohen)
Calabasas High School

Arielle Martinez Cohen and Zero Hour in their battle against climate change

16-year-old, Arielle Martinez Cohen organized Zero Hour LA in her battle to bring awareness and make a difference in climate change. Cohen, whose parents raised her with a sensitivity toward the topic of climate change, intends to raise awareness to the cause among citizens and government officials.

“In the movement, we want them [the government] to stop taking support from these fossil fuel companies and in turn, help create policies that will help restore the planet… for the march in Los Angeles, we’re focusing on local legislation as well.” Cohen said.

From policies such as the Plastic Straw Ban, to those regarding the government and fossil fuel companies, Cohen and her peers of “Zero Hour,” lead their communities around the world to not only act as an inspiration to create more eco-friendly lifestyles, but to give the youth a voice in the battle against climate change. “Zero Hour” believes that the voices of the youth are as credible as other generations and intends to make them as impactful, as well.

“Even if a lot of things on the news seem discouraging, never lose hope that we won’t change it,” Martinez said. “Just keep on fighting.”

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