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The 2018 ‘Saved by the Bell’ experience: A 90s kid’s dream come true

Photo by Isabel Ravenna

Every 90s kid’s favorite show has become a reality. From now until September, Legendary diner, the Max from hit TV show “Saved by the Bell,” has opened a shop on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood.

Adults who watched “Saved by the Bell” religiously as a teenager, dreaming of attending Bayside High School, being called in to Mr. Belding’s office and eating an after-school burger at the Max can now be acted out through a distinguished dining experience, unlike any other at Saved by the Max.

Seating arrangements are all placed over the diner section of the restaurant, with seats lined up at the bar and tables for a 90s diner experience on a mock set of the iconic Max. Another experience takes place in Belding’s office where tables are scattered along the set-principle’s office and his desk lies as a unique photo-op where one is able to recreate the badass “IDGAF” detention-look behind a teacher’s desk.

Along the wall of the entrance is a locker room set-up with props lying in each “Saved by the Bell” star’s locker allowing photos to pose as your favorite “Saved by the Bell” characters whether it be Screech or Kelly Kapowski.

This diner is a unique photo opportunity and dining experience available all summer in Los Angeles, however reservations are filling up quick, so get yours while you can.
7100 Santa Monica Blvd #185, West Hollywood, Calif. 90046

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