Zhavia Ward (Photo by Gianberto Ridino)
Calabasas High School

Zhavia Ward about ‘Candlelight,’ her new EP and success after ‘The Four’

A former participant of FOX’s competition series, “The Four: Battle for Stardom” Zhavia Ward, launched her career forward when releasing her first original song, “Candlelight” on July 26. Like many rising stars, Ward experienced feelings of discouragement and defeat, which pushed her to write her new single. The song, “Candlelight” accomplished #1 trending on iTunes in a matter of hours.

“Candlelight is about one of the darkest times in my life that I went through,” 17-year-old Ward said. “I realized that you have control over how you see things… and I learned that I could overcome all of that by just thinking about my future.”

Due to the personal nature of Ward’s new music, she chose 50 social media followers out of thousands who responded to her invitation to an event held on the day and time of Candlelight’s release. At this intimate event, Ward played her new song and two unreleased tracks from her EP which will release in August, spending the afternoon socializing and jamming out with her fans and closest supporters.

“My recent EP is about the past two years of my life before I blew up and afterward,” Ward said. ”It’s about love and heartbreak and everything you experience in life.”

Through Ward’s music, she motivates listeners to express their emotions while moving toward their goals. Listeners can expect a tour this year, be prepared for next month’s EP and download “Candlelight” now.

Download and stream Candlelight here

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