Students of CSArts bond together. (Photo courtesy of California School of the Arts)


A new space for wellness at CSArts-SGV

California School of the Arts recently opened a Wellness Center in efforts to support students' mental health.
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Karina Yue

November 3, 2023
With a new semester, new classes, homework, and conservatory activities, it’s important for students to remember self-care. Luckily, CSArts has lots of resources available to make sure students are physically and emotionally well!

A newly designed wellness center is designed to be a quiet space, where students can relax and decompress for a few minutes. Students are invited to rest or meditate, read, use a relaxation or fidget tool, speak with a counselor, practice evidence-based coping strategies, and so much more.

With the emergence of Covid-19 and new societal problems, the importance of mental health has been on the rise.

The World Heath Organization provides greater depth to this issue. “For students, it is more important than ever to address … mental health issues to stay mentally healthy and keep up with educational and personal goals,” according to the WHO.

Special services faculty member Alisha Miranda shared how students can utilize the wellness center.

“There are many situations where the wellness center would be of great use — panic/anxiety attacks, depression, restlessness, low motivation, mental health disorders, counseling and guidance and general anxiety.”

According to the National College Health Assessment, it was reported that many students felt exhausted, lonely, and overwhelmed, among other symptoms and difficulties. Of the surveyed students, 20.2% experienced depression, and 27.8% experienced anxiety that affected their studies.

“The wellness center has been great for my mental health,” Vana Kojikian, 14-year-old student of CSArts said. “The support from faculty and staff has proved to be an immense help in balancing school and personal life.”