Carson High School

A hurtful process

For all my life I have only lived in Carson, and out of the few years I have known my community, I have realized more than I should’ve. Not only I have gone through many heartbreaking experiences, but most of my acquaintances have as well. What makes this worse is that most situations aren’t family related.

In teenage years, we begin to feel a special connection with another person. We call it love. From personal experience, I have felt this more than twice and not once did I think it through. Before meeting the person I thought was the love of my life, I was never into the idea of “love.” I never once thought of myself depending on someone else to hold my happiness.

Once you give in, like a drug, you can’t stop committing with time because you become so addicted. I slowly started spending as much time as I could with him, and each day an image would slowly form in my mind. A future, one not only with me but one with him in it. I became so use to the idea of us being together forever, that I never spent time preparing myself for reality, the break up.

This is the worst stage for us teens, because we begin to blame ourselves. Heartbreak takes over your body, and all the negativity over throws your thoughts. Instead of spending each day thinking about our future, now you begin to think of what it will be like without him. It will hurt because you think you can’t go on without him by your side, so you begin to think of ways to better yourself not for your well being, but for his.

You go through months of thinking nothing will be okay. I know I am not the only one who has experienced this. We are all human and have experienced something similar. But believe me when I say this, it will be more than okay.

There are no remedies to a heartbreak, but the most you can do is allow yourself time to heal. Which of course will take more than a few weeks. In the process of healing, it is important not to rush anything, and just draw information from the experience. Allow yourself time to rebuild and strengthen the sense of you are.