Anxiety, Anxiety

The time of the year has come. College applicants are waiting for colleges and universities to send them the e-mail they are all waiting for. Students have anxiety for having to wait so long for colleges or universities to reply. High School Sport players have even more anxiety because it makes them more interested knowing that they want to play for a college or university.

Many seniors have applied for college or a university for the Fall Semester of 2018. Responses to the question were very shocking. Erik Herrera, Senior from Academy of Education and Empowerment stated “I really don’t care at all, I know I’m going to be accepted somewhere it’s just a matter of time.” He seemed so relaxed during the interview. Almost as if he didn’t care even though he did deep inside.

I also talked to a non-athlete, Angel Grigsby Carson High who said “I am not anxious at all, I’m just being patient and waiting”. He also stated “It is barely the beginning of March. I know that most of my friends have already received emails of acceptance, but I still think it’s a bit early, it will get here soon for sure.”

I also talked to another athlete from the Baseball team at Carson High. Hugo Sierra, Senior from AEE. He stated “I got accepted into Cal State Pomona from the start, I did have to wait a couple weeks but during those weeks I had no anxiety at all.” “I wasn’t worried at all, not even when I submitted my applications. Just looking at my grades and GPA, I knew good things were coming my way.” Hugo was very proud and happy while giving me his answers. He is ready to start a new chapter of his life.

The seniors that were interviewed really had little to no anxiety at all, which was very surprising. Most of them have really good grades and GPA’s, which is understanding to why they aren’t worried. They know that their acceptance letter will come sooner or later. As of those on the opposite side who didn’t have good grades and are on the low GPA side, there comes the anxiety and impatience of being accepted into a college or university. Anxiety is only there to those who don’t have very high grades and GPA’s to be confident enough to have no anxiety at all.

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