A tradition followed by many schools throughout the world, throwing caps in the air signifies the excitement that comes with graduation. (Photo Credits: http://hdimagelib.com)
Carson High School

Best Option After High School

School pursues a purpose to students to teach basic arithmetic, reading, and writing skills. Without these skills, the chances of you being successful will be low because education determines whether you will have what it takes to get the job done. College is the best option after high school to better develop these basic skills to make them advanced. There are many options that students want to explore instead of going to college which can also be a good alternative, but not the best.

Carson High School senior Robert Mojica is one of the many not going to college directly after high school.

“JROTC is [preparing] me for the military and I believe that it is more logical to go to the navy for at least 20 years and then go back to school, having your tuition completely paid off,” Mojica said.

Although this plan saves money, it fails to consider the amount of time he’d be away from school and if he is mentally ready to come back. College after high school with the fresh mindset is healthier and more appropriate for your being.

College prepares you to be independent from parents and friends which is essential for living in the future. While anything other than college requires you to work in groups.

“You can easily save money by going to a two year college for the first year free, but it depends on the person and what’s best for them,” Quan De La Torre said.

There should be no excuse on why you don’t want to go to college because of financial issues, there are many special opportunities that students have to take like this. However, if there is another way you know you can be successful without college, go for it and explore all options. Even though any type of education helps after high school it is best you do what’s suitable for you as long as it increases your rate of success.