Carson High School

Carnival of Love — Carson High students help feed the homeless

The Carnival of Love is an event that gives back to many homeless people on Skid Row. Powered by the Wayfarer foundation, this event looks to help end the cycle of homelessness.

Even though this has been the fourth year the foundation has done this, our very own Chef Steph and a few Carson High School students helped to lend a hand in empowering the community.

“The Carnival of Love was an amazing experience, seeing all the homeless people smiling felt really good. I would definitely do it again,” junior Taylor Ash said.

There was a total of 5,000 homeless people fed at this year’s Carnival of Love and for many of the students that went, it was their first time.

Freshman Javonna McGlothan shared her experience at the carnival.

“It was pretty cool working in the food area serving food. It was also a little sad seeing all the homeless people but it was mostly fun working with friends,” McGlothan said.