Carson High School

Carson baseball player Dylan Lina perseveres through a heavy workload

Playing baseball for Carson High School and the USA team on top of schoolwork is difficult to juggle, said Dylan Lina, a senior in the Academy of Education and Empowerment.

It’s been a humbling experience for Lina to be one of the few selected to play for the USA team, especially to be chosen in California, he said. Such an experience can change one’s perspective.

“It made me a better person,” Lina explained. “I learned important things in baseball.”

Lina said managing his heavy workload isn’t easy.

“It’s hard because I miss a lot of class work,” Lina said. “I miss a lot of class work and I don’t understand lessons sometimes because I’m not there.”

Being a participant in both high school team and USA team, can teach a person something. Values, ethics, and morals are taught in baseball, which gave him a better understanding of his situation, he said.

Dylan Lina describes himself as a hardworking and dedicated student athlete, both on and off the field. Due to his dedication he will continue to perform at his best.

Throughout the hardships of battling through practice and school work. Dylan Lina has been rewarded for his hard work with receiving multiple offers from well known universities.

“I got offers from Oregon, Duke, USC, University of Arizona, Miami, and Michigan,” he said.

Wherever Lina decides to commit, he’ll represent Carson Colts on to the next stage in his career.