(Photo courtesy of Denzel Aguilar)
Carson High School

Carson boys soccer wins first Marine League Championship

After a successful season, the Carson High School boys soccer team won the Marine League Championship for the first time in Carson history. The Colts defeated Narbonne High School with a score of 3-1. 

“Throughout the season we worked really hard and just pushed ourselves to our limits,” Academies of Education and Empowerment senior captain Lino Garcia said. “We had our hearts set and our minds locked on winning and that’s why we became Marine League Champs.”

The pressure was mounting for students throughout the days before the big match. But, this proved to be instrumental in their inspirational performance.

“The pressure of knowing that if we lost we’d be like any of the previous teams was all that was running through my mind throughout the game,” Romario Jimenez, senior from AEE said. “We all knew that if we won we’d be the first to do it, and that was the main goal, to become the first colts to become Marine League Champions.”

The CHS boys’ soccer program improved tremendously throughout the years. This past season was one of the most successful seasons that the Colts had in a while. 

“I felt like this season was a great stepping stone for Carson soccer because it was a good season throughout the whole year. The soccer program has improved well throughout my high school years. Freshman year they were division 5. This year we were in division 2,” AEE junior Joseph Milano said.  

CHS boys soccer finished the season with an overall record of 11 wins, four losses and five ties, and with a Marine League record of seven wins, one loss and two ties.