(Photo courtesy of Denzel Aguilar)
Carson High School

Carson High School boys’ soccer team kicks off season

Carson High School’s Varsity boys soccer team season started on Jan. 15. The team consists of eight players, with a team captain of Lino Garcia and the team is lead by Coach Luis. Last season, the team’s scores including: three wins, two ties, and two losses.

The team is looking forward to a new season. They won their first home game against Gardena.

Varsity Boys soccer Coach Luis shared his thoughts on how the season is going so far.

“[This] season is good, [with a] record four wins, two losses, and three ties,” Luis said.

Every player on the team has a prediction of how the season will go. Bryan Cortez, a senior at the Academy of Medical Arts, who plays defense shared his hopes for the season.

“I believe we will come out undefeated in Marine League. Also, we will win a championship for Division 2,” Cortez said.

Carson sophomore Julian Mendez, who plays midfield, explained what he sees as the team’s advantages.

“Some of the team strengths are the chemistry that the players have and how well we get along with each other,” Mendez said. “Some weaknesses are how long we hold the ball and our passes, but our passes can get better if we just keep on working hard.”