The girls rugby team from Carson High School in 2018. (Photo courtesy of Carson High School girls' rugby team)
Carson High School

Carson High School girls’ rugby team sees continuous success

The Carson High School girls’ rugby team has had two back to back successful seasons. The 2018 season, CHS girls’ rugby remained undefeated throughout the whole season with a record of 26-0. The 2019 rugby season was successful, yet very different.

Last year, CHS girls’ rugby had two different teams. Players were placed on either team A, or team B, depending on their skill set. Team A remained undefeated throughout the whole season. Many teams forfeited because they did not want to play this group of girls.

Team B consisted of all new, inexperienced players with the exception of two girls. This group of girls remained undefeated as well. Could CHS girl’s rugby meet the expectations of another successful undefeated season?

“What I expect for this upcoming season for the team is that we continue to work hard and improve on our skills as well as keep our winning streak, hopefully become National champions again,” junior Javonna McGothan said. “What I expect for myself is to improve on my speed, build my stamina, try to set an example for newcomers and be a good leader, and last but not least, try and make more highlights.” 

Tayla Puaina, a senior in the Academies of Education and Empowerment, said she feels like her team has the same potential as last year.

“It is going to be difficult due to us losing players. It’s going to take a bit of adjusting and getting used to but I know our team is more than capable. I predict that we will have another successful season this year both high school season and club season. We’ve been working hard these past couple of weeks and it’s giving me a good feeling about this season,” said Academies of Education and Empowerment senior Tayla Puaina. 

AEE senior Amaya Moala agreed with Puaina.

“I know our team isn’t at its strongest due to our loss of players but we are still have the ability to perform the same as last year,” Moala said. “We have to step up as a team but I still have the same faith in us as I did last year. I expect to come out successful in every game we play, we are growing both as a team and as players.”

The CHS girls’ rugby team are very eager and confident in this upcoming season. They practice for three hours, twice a week, spending one hour workout in the weight room following a two-hour field practice.