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Carson High School offers all-gender bathrooms for trans students

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When North Carolina passed House Bill 2 in March 2016, prohibiting transgender youth from using the restroom that aligns with their gender, a debate erupted across the nation.

Since then, society has joined in on this debacle, some declaring the idea either atrocious or superb. However in this political atmosphere with Trump being in office and “pumping up” white supremacy, hate crimes are most likely to increase if trans persons were to be able to use the restroom according to what they identify themselves. With that said, transgender people have the right to use the bathroom of their choice and they shouldn’t be put in a box. Nevertheless, it’s not the right time.

“What we have done here in the nurse’s office is provide two all-gender bathrooms for those students who do not feel comfortable entering into one of the bathrooms outside… I wouldn’t want students who are trying to adjust their binders or do whatever they’re doing [for their] privacy to be violated. So right now, I think [as] people become more educated and the political climate changes and there’s less hate, then I think we’ll be OK,” Carson High School nurse Mary Anne Hishinuma.

We have to keep in mind that the term transgender is not just for those who are transitioning physically, but also for those who may identify as nonbinary, androgynous, bigender, genderqueer, gender questioning, and many more that fall under the umbrella of gender fluidity. So how do we handle other genders and their need to use the restroom?

Well, if you are nonbinary, which means you don’t identify as a specific gender and may use they/them pronouns, then you would utilize an all-gender restroom or a “family stall.”

“I don’t think trans people should have their own bathroom because that puts them into some type of third category and it separates them from everybody else,” LGBTQ+ club advisor and Carson history teacher Ann Schaefer said.

An opinion piece in USA Today by Melissa Defestano shared her transgender son’s high school experience. The headline reads “High school could have been hell for my transgender son. Don’t make it hell for the next kid.”

During her son’s senior year, a handful of students sued the school with claims of privacy violation because transgender students were using the same bathrooms and locker rooms, she wrote.

Liam De Leon, a senior at Carson High School and trans male, expressed his views.

“It would hurt my feelings, probably, [to be told I had to use the restroom somewhere else]. It’s just a bathroom. I just want to pee,” he said.

It’s absurd that as a “free country” minorities still have to fight for the basic rights that are supposed to be given at birth. Regardless of sexual orientation, there should more laws of anti-discrimination but that’s no one’s priority apparently.

Times have changed and things have gotten better, however there’s still work to be done. Something as simple as taking a piss shouldn’t be debatable. Whatever your gender identity is, whether you’re a trans female, male, and such else, you use that restroom. Don’t let the ignorance and stupidity of other people determine your fate. 

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