This image provided by Walt Disney Co. shows Disney+ on a tablet. (Disney)
Carson High School

Carson students share their thoughts on Disney’s new streaming service

Disney has hit the market with Disney+, which launched Nov. 7. People can stream any Disney show or movie and relive their childhood.

Disney has partnered with Verizon Wireless, as Verizon is offering one free year for people who switch to Verizon or currently have an unlimited plan.

”The benefit of purchasing Disney+ is that you can watch all your childhood shows and bring all the good memories back,” said Carson High School sophomore Ariana Orozco.

There are many movies and shows you can watch that date back to the ’50s, including “Cinderella” and “Peter Pan.”

“The shows you can watch are mostly classics and what 2000’s kids grew up with like ‘Wall-E,’ ‘Finding Nemo,’ ‘Spider Man,’ [and many more],” said CHS senior Raul Brito.

It does not only include Disney-curated movies but it also offers films from Marvel, Pixar and National Geographic. Is It worth the cost? For $6.99, which is half the price of Netflix, it is something CHS students are thinking about purchasing.

“I would say it is worth the cost because it’s half the price of Netflix; it’s basically everything that Disney made,” said Carson sophomore Camila Gomez.

Many students at CHS are sharing their Disney+ accounts with their friends who don’t have it so everyone can enjoy and relive their childhood memories.

“Well my parents didn’t want to pay for it [because] they think its a waste of money, so I got my friend Nate’s Disney+ account,” said Orozco.

Disney is continuously releasing more movies. Disney+ plans on having more movies and shows for their audience members to watch in 2020.  

Disney+ might be a great way to end the year, as it allows people from all ages to come together and remember the shows and movies that truly made their childhood fun.