Carson High School recently launched a program to host weekly student success workshops. In this L.A. Times file photo, Patricia Matos teaches at Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine in Huntington Park. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)
Carson High School

Carson High School launches post-graduation success program

Carson High School’s college center has launched Future Wednesdays, a new program to help students prepare for their future.

The program aims to help students stay focused on post secondary options after high school. It also focuses on the college requirements and the different levels of post-secondary options.

Carson High School’s College Counselor Veiongo Naufaheu shared her thoughts on why Future Wednesdays are needed.

“It is important for students to know early on what options do exist and what they need to do in order to get there,” Naufaheu said.

There are also many goals that the college center has for the students.

“We hope that more students will go off to a four-year [college] because they’re aware of the requirements early on. The goal is for students to be aware of the different pathways to secondary or post-secondary education and what they need to do now in order to get there,” Naufaheu said.

Future Wednesdays were set up because some seniors started to feel they didn’t know enough about secondary education in time, Naufaheu said, and she wants to prevent that from happening this year.

“It’s to prevent that wish of knowing. So now, here’s that information and you do what you want with it,” Naufaheu said.

Future Wednesdays to join weekly workshops during lunchtime and is open to all Carson students.

“It is basically like a crash course, it’s not like we take a roster and expect the same group of kids each time. Whoever comes in, they’re receiving that workshop for that day,” Naufaheu said.

Carson High School implemented Future Wednesdays to help students become knowledgeable about all their options after graduating high school, and will lead to brighter futures.