(Photo courtesy of Kerieon Miller)
Carson High School

Carson offers college course credit

Senior year of high school can be the most stressful, yet most important year in a student’s life. A few contributing factors to the stress of the senior year have to do with major life decisions. College classes can be an advantage for high school students.

College classes provide students with a great variety of learning opportunities. Most students focus on the courses relevant to their future professions. This means that college courses provide a wide scope of studies that develop students both as intelligent individuals and future professionals.

Carson High School offers college classes for students that might want to build up college credit before starting college and get a head start in their careers that they want to major in.

Our Carson Complex college counselor Veiongo Naufahu is in charge with high school students in taking college classes at the college center located in G9.

“Through [L.A.] Harbor College, we offer counselor 20, health 11, and political science 1,” Naufahu said. “The reason why we offer these classes it’s more convenient for students to actually attend classes here on the Carson Complex, and it’s right after school.”

Seniors are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to take college courses because it makes a big impact on their future as they achieve college credit. 

“If you take political science, you don’t have to complete government which is a requirement for Carson High School,” Naufahu said.

This can take the stress off of a requirement to graduate, Naufahu said. Taking college classes while in high school can also include financial benefits for students and their families.

In addition, there are some professors on Carson’s campus that teach these college classes. One of them is Gary Aquino, a social studies teacher in Academies Educational Empowerment who teaches political science 1 through L.A. Harbor College.

“Everyone is part of a political system and it’s important to understand how your government functions,” Aquino said. “It’s the best deal on campus because you take it here at the high school and you can get the high school credit government high school credit but also you get college credit… so it’s killing two birds with one stone.”