Carson High School

Carson recycling and campus beautification

Ever wonder why there are so many recycling bins around campus? Reducing, reusing and recycling are very important in maintaining a clean environment around the world.

Carson High School’s Environmental Science, Engineering and Technology (ESET) Academy wants our school to be active in making the world a cleaner place. They believe in saving our environment from any harm, such as waste. Without recycling, our waste will continue to overfill.

ESET has created an organization called Garbology AB 341 that teaches how to properly throw waste away.

“We recycle to reduce the trash in our landfills and to keep our campus cleaner,” ESET teacher Tammy Bird said.

She continuously sorts the trash and recycles whatever is necessary. This is not towards specifically one academy, but the whole Carson high.

Bird is trying to economically change our carbon footprint by leading these organizations. She has sent letters to all teachers and parents informing this plan. Fortunately, this has helped the ESET students get recognized by the Linked Learning academy.

Recently, Garbology AB 341 has been put on hold, due to an agreement with the custodial staff. So until they can decide on an agreement, she can no longer be in control of the recycling within the lunch area. Any other recycling bin outside of that area is taken care of the Go-Green club and this organization.

“I really think its important that we need to take care of our campus, because I don’t like the fact that we have trash sitting on tables were you guys (students) eat it,” GBLG teacher Mrs. Mertens said.

The Go-Green club has also made a huge impact on this. Ms. Vernon is the co-sponsor. Both the organizations save the money and use it for materials our school may need.

“I think she’s one of the few people who actually cares about the program and her effort isn’t as appreciated and admired as it should be,” Brittney Curiel, junior in the ESET academy said.

Mrs. Bird and Ms. Vernon along with many others are amazing tributers in making our environment beautiful. This should inspire people to contribute and help reduce our waste.