(Image courtesy of Kerieon Miller)
Carson High School

Carson students attend Black College Expo

The Black College Expo is an event held every year on Feb. 2. It is an event that highlights over 50 of the 104 historically black colleges and universities (HBCU), along with other higher learning institutions and educational services.

The purpose is to educate ALL students about HBCUs and the college admission process, you’ll find public colleges, private colleges and even military colleges on site. You may even get accepted on the spot.

It is located at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles. Some students from Carson High School were able to attend the event. 

“Grambling [State University] accepted me, the most exciting part was getting accepted together with my cousin,” senior Nubia Harris said. 

There were many colleges present for students to inquire about during the event.

“The colleges that were there included Howard, Morehouse, and Spelman College,” senior Dwayne Barrow said. “It was a good experience because it showed me there are more opportunities for me after high school.”

This event was about how their overall goal is to encourage and promote the importance of higher education while providing positive guidance and pathways for high school students. Black College Expo identifies the college and career planning process. It helps connect students to internships and career planning processes.

The Black College Expo is a great starting process and it helps us get organized and discover our options and guide us through the right path. They have helped millions of students get into college.

If you haven’t gone this year make sure you go to the next one, because it is amazing opportunities and who knows you could be the next one to get accepted on the spot.