Carson High School

Carson students form anti-vaping club

An anti-vaping club has recently formed at Carson High School, and is recruiting new students to join.

The meeting meets Mondays in room G9 from 2:15 p.m. to around 3:35 p.m. Students in the meeting are informed every week about the effects of vaping, and try to create a campaign to make other students know more knowledge about the harmful effects of vaping and nicotine. Carson students had things to say about this new club.

“This club could prevent vaping because even though it’s less harmful than smoking cigarettes, it still has negative effects and this club could help anyone who is addicted to quit vaping,” said Carson High School Global senior Frankie Tejero.

Victor Diaz, a freshman in Carson’s Academy of Education and Empowerment, said he doesn’t think this club will stop students from vaping.

“I’m pretty sure most kids know the dangers of vaping as there is already many commercials and notices and such touching up on the topic of dangers of vaping. People are very stubborn and I don’t believe this club will have much effect on those who vape,” Diaz said.

Students at CHS have different opinions about this club.

Students who are interested in the club or addicted to vaping and need help quitting are encouraged to join this club.