Carson High School

Carson students lend a helping hand once again!

Carson High School students are consistently showing the kindness of their hearts through helping others. This year, many students have showed perfect examples of how a little amount of help can go a long way. The Colorguard family has volunteered to help special education students learn creative cheers and a halftime show they can perform during their annual Olympic games which will be held on February 16.

Some of the girls will also be performing with them. Often times, SPED students feel left out and feel that they can’t do the things they should be able to. This team is helping them by teaching them they can achieve anything they want as long as they believe.

Colorguard captain Nayeli Quiroz, senior at Carson High School, believes that this experience is not only beneficial to the SPED students but for the color guard members as well.

“This will benefit Colorguard because [members] are helping to teach, which is essential for those who want to tryout for captain. Also, socializing with [the SPED students] has also been very fun,” Quiroz said. “As for the students, they seem to be having fun and maybe they can apply the cheers in their future. If they ever happen to need something, they can easily approach the team.”  

The other team captain Samantha Del Toro, senior from Academies of Education and Empowerment offered her thoughts.

“Well I think it benefits them because they could use that experience somewhere else like show their family members or friends what they learned,” Del Toro said.

In the end, Colorguard was happy to help students who were incredibly thankful for everything they have showed them. Carson Complex needs to continue to spread positivity!