Carson High School

Carson High School freshmen showcase career goals in gallery walk

The freshmen gallery walk took place at Carson High School on March 6.

The students dressed up professionally to present a poster board with different career or job opportunities in their academy themes.

On the student’s board, you will see the career they picked along with the description, education required, salary range and required experience skills.

They have been preparing for this event by using the lessons from the Echo book or career zone to find out the salary they make or jobs they will need to have to support a certain lifestyle.

It also helps students know more about the careers and jobs that are available and what studies and classes needed for it as they continue high school. 

“The students don’t really have the chance to talk about exploring different careers in their academies in their regular classes so by this event that takes place in advisory it helps the students know the education required and salaries and how necessary the jobs are,” Carson teacher Mary Vasquez said.

“We did the project on video game design because it was a career that applied to our shared interests socializing, creativity and media design,” freshman Emilia Alfaro said. “I believe we learned a lot from this, we learned about new careers we hadn’t known about, and we also learned how to better present the information on the board better as we went on.” 

Not every student takes the meaning behind this event seriously, which can impact them in the long run. Being open to other ideas that focus on your academy is great information.

So when you’re out of high school or on your way out you know about the different jobs that you can earn money from and be happy with the career you’re doing.

Carson teacher Tammy Bird highlighted the importance of the event by mentioning that “students can look at the possibilities and the earnings possibilities, what kind of schooling you need, it’s a whole awareness of careers.”

She believes this will have an impact on freshmen transitioning into tenth grade, where they need to follow studies and ethics. 

“I believe this experience helped me a lot and gave me a sense of what an actual interview/presentation would look like,” freshman Zaida Gutierrez said.

This event has been around 4 years and will continue to grow and help students open their eyes to life after high school.