Carson High School

Carson students work the primary polls

During the recent presidential primary elections, Carson High School students worked the polls from February 28 to March 3. 

Depending on their jobs, student workers were paid between $300 to $700 and were given tasks to learn how the process of election voting works.

“I honestly wanted to see what it meant to vote, as well as to socialize with others and learned the process of how voting works,” Carson senior Rosa Vazquez said.

With these tasks, every poll worker gained a helpful learning experience as well and got to answer the question of why they were really doing this.

“As a poll worker, I was in charge of checking people in, kind of like a clerk,” Davon Teague, senior at Carson High School said.

In addition, poll workers got to observe how the voting system benefits the community. 

“Since this is a new system it’s much easier to vote and have ways to change anything that was a mistake,” Vazquez said. “So since the voting is much smoother, it makes people within the community want to actually vote.”

This poll worker opportunity gave every student participating a chance to gain a new learning experience on something they may or may not want to experience again as voters. It gave workers a sense of the election voting system and the way it works.