Carson High School cheer (File photo)
Carson High School

Cheer as a sport

Whether or not cheer is classified as a sport has been a controversial and sensitive issue among student athletes. But with CIF certifying it as a true and honest sport, all those who opposed cheer as a sport are now irrelevant.

In the beginning of fall 2017-2018 school year CIF has made official rules, policies and standards that allow every school to compete at competition making it a sport. Don’t get me wrong everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it’s time we stop avoiding the cold hard fact that cheer is indeed a true certified sport. As shown by the CIF and athletic programs everywhere.

AEE freshman Aniyah Ray Young joined CHS cheer this past summer.

“Cheer is like any other sport. We get hurt, condition and it requires strength, seriousness, and the strive to do it,” she said.

Cheer seems to be very overlooked, most people stereotype it as just dancing or rooting for the boys at football games. In reality everyone is not cut out to be a cheerleader, if you don’t have the passion and dedication for it you will not last a day. A lot of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears go on inside and outside of this sport.You have to be capable of stunting, dancing, having spirit, lots of energy while maintaining a positive attitude. All while maintaining a smile on your face at all times.

AEE student Taylor Goodson who is also the captain over the varsity cheer team states “not everybody is able to stunt like we do, even some exceptional athletes would struggle with the jumps, flips, and lifting girls sometimes the same size as you.”

People from the opposing side believe cheer is not a sport because they don’t believe we compare to other sports

Dillinger Onosai from CHS thinks cheer is not a sport.

“There are claims that what defines them as a sport is that they participate in physical activity which requires stunts, jumps, and flips, but I have never seen them do any stunts. Dance also has jumps, flips and stunts. Cheerleading is an activity with the sole purpose of leading cheers, and motivating crowds during sport events. I respect their craft though, ’cause some of it ain’t easy, but I don’t think that makes it a sport,” Onosai said.

However, at every game this school year, at least one stunt has went in the air. Competition season doesn’t start until the spring semester so therefore the competing part of cheer isn’t focused until that time comes.

According to CIF, cheer is unquestionably a sport.