Carson High School cheer (File photo)
Carson High School

Cheer Lends A Helping Hand

Some of our very own Carson High cheerleaders spend their free time volunteering at Veterans park to help teach younger girls the sport. They have decided to spend some of their available time to help not only better themselves in different aspects, but to prepare these girls for cheering in the future.

“It will help them in the future, for instance with high school cheer,” sophomore Lundyn Trotter said.

They get to take all the knowledge  they have learned over the years and give it back in a amazing way that they enjoy to do. Not many people especially in high school get to take what they know and use it to benefit others, but they do. They can learn or strengthen skills  that can help them later on in life especially when working. They may learn or strengthen skills such as communication skills, patience, and leadership skills. These skills are really good to have and All expressed how much they enjoy giving back to the community and helping those who will eventually be in there shoes.

“Doing this has really taught me patience,” senior Lynise Smith said.

Due to the fact the she teaches girls between the ages of 7 and 9 years old.  There is no question in that because these kids aren’t always the easiest to deal with. As they continue with this process, the kids will continue to test Lynise’s patience but at the end of the day it’s all love.

The enjoyment they take in this is clear that they want nothing more than to help them become better athletes. It also helps with strengthening their own cheer skills. Some of us wouldn’t pick helping kids as an activity to do with our free time but the fact that they do is incredible. They guide the kids from where they once were to get them where they are today.

It’s always great to share the knowledge we have obtained with others, so teach those skills and help better them in the things they love to do. We wish the cheerleaders lots of luck with kids as they continue to mentor them.