Carson High School

Child Development and Psychology teacher Denise Rendon makes a change

Denise Rendon, who teaches Child Development and Child Psychology at the Academies of Education and Empowerment, has been recognized as an exquisite teacher/advisor who has gone above and beyond for her students. Seven years ago, Rendon was part of the team, which established AEE. Ever since then, she has stayed active in making sure the Academy is on the path to success.

AEE has been known for the activities they do at school — for example, Spirit Wars. Spirit Wars is a time where all of AEE students and staff come together in the Big Gym and play different games against each other, to see which grade level comes on top. Even though Spirit Wars is ran by AEE leadership students, Rendon is the go-to person that oversees what game choices is necessary and what guidelines they need to follow.

“I like that it (AEE) is small — it allows us teachers to get to know our students better. The students that I had in the 9th grade that end up in ATCA, I have them for four years so I really get to know who they are, watch them grow and help them hopefully pursue their career in education,” Rendon said.

Rendon loves to be around students, and because of her caring nature, many past students come back to Carson High, to say thank you.

“Mrs. Rendon is a really good teacher, she really puts her kids first, and I love that about her. She shows that she actually cares,” Vannesa Espinoza, a senior from AEE said.

The importance of staying active around your community is very important. Just like Mrs. Rendon, she left an impact on many Carson High Students. Thank you Mrs. Rendon for leaving a great impact for our students and for AEE.