Carson High School

Carson High School Wrestling strengthens their team during off-season

Carson High School’s wrestling team season ended in the winter, but during their current off-season, they come to practice to get better as individuals and as a team, physically and mentally. The wrestling team practices Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. after school and on Tuesday and Thursday during fifth period.

Captain of the wrestling team Matthew Alferos, a senior from Carson is a key player to their team. His overall record is a 31-25. As captain he tries his best to help his teammates with anything they need. He is a role model for his teammates.

“Being a captain to me means that I am determined to be a role model the rest of my teammates helping them get to where they want to be or higher than they can,” Alferos said.

Wrestling is a very physical sport causing the hesitation of people joining. In order to become better in wrestling, you have to be patient and willing to put in the work.

“Some advice from my point of view would be it’s a process. It’s something that takes time. It’s not going to happen over night,” Alferos said.

Anthony Gardner, a freshmen from Carson, is a first year player. With him being a new player, he started off with having no friends. Towards the middle/end of the season, he began to feel like he was a part of a family.

“I didn’t know anyone in the beginning of the season but as the season went on the team began to feel more like a family,” Gardener said.

Alexandra Torres, sophomore from CHS is one of the few girls on the team. With wrestling being a unisex sport, Torres has gone up against many guys. As a girl, it helped her a lot with her strength and her quickness.

“It’s kind of hard because you want more girls but they’re hesitant because of the clothing you have to wear. Also they don’t want to touch any other boy or girl. Many girls think it’s for guys, but it’s for everyone,” Torres said.

Diego Quezada, a junior from the Academies of Education and Empowerment, had his season ended early due to an ACL injury in regionals. He ended up forfeiting the third place match and got fourth place. He wasn’t able to go to cities because of his injury. He hopes to come back next season even stronger and have an even better season.

“The team’s initial goals this year were to have as many of our first year players to go to CIF cities and for many of our players to place in cities as well,” Quezada said.

The Carson High School wrestling team said they hope to have more boys and girls join their team.