(Photo courtesy of Charisma Mosley)
Carson High School

Club Rush invites students to be more involved on campus

Carson High School’s Club Rush featured all the different and diverse ways a student can become more involved on campus.

The event was held on Oct. 2, and there were several clubs that hosted such as Black Student Union, Pacific Islanders Club, Young Black Scholars, Key Club, and many more.

All clubs spread out over the grass area in the quad and had poster boards, T-shirts, and fun small activities and prizes that grabbed students’ attention to join their club.

“It was a different experience because this year I got the opportunity to run my own club stand,” Carson senior Serah Niupulusu said.

Joining a club on campus also helps students stand out in college applications because it exemplifies a sense of initiative.

The event creates this opportunity for many students because clubs that are created by students, are passed down to underclassmen once the previous seniors graduate. This then shows a sense of responsibility for the students now running the club because they have a chance to add new things and keep the club and traditions going.

“I joined BSU and Young Black Scholars because I felt that needed to be more involved in black student empowerment,” said CHS junior Ayanna Brown.

The unique thing about Carson’s Club Rush is the diversity among the campus and among the clubs. Whether a student wants to join a club that deals with their ethnicity or a subject matter they are interested in, there’s a club for everyone.

“My favorite thing was seeing all the different set ups and finding out about clubs I didn’t know about and also the snacks they gave out,” CHS senior Kaelynn Carllel said.

Overall, the feedback received from Club Rush was very positive, and the students who ran a booth or joined a club enjoyed the atmosphere and all the warm welcomes. Club Rushes have become a schoolwide trend that allows students to open up and explore all the possibilities that their school has to offer. Joining a club benefits students because they then become apart of something bigger than just their school.