Picking and choosing colleges can be difficult. (Illustration by Junanna Chen / Baron News, Fountain Valley High School)
Carson High School

College resources offered to Carson students

UCLA Representatives attended Carson High School to reach out to juniors who will soon be preparing for decisions that determine their future in a meeting on Feb. 27. The representatives spoke about statistics and tips for a smoother path when going to colleges and universities.

The juniors said they believed the presentations and advice were very helpful and informative, and they picked up on a couple things they didn’t even know before the presentation. The presentation aimed to make students aware about how important planning for college is, even if a student chooses not to eventually go to a college or university if they end up changing their minds, they’d have some knowledge thanks to this presentation.

Often times students don’t realize and take advantage of the resources their schools can provide and the helping hand that is ready and available.

“The meeting actually changed my views on college, at first, I wasn’t thinking about going to college, but after the meeting I have had this sudden urge of wanting to go to college and pursue future goals,” Carson junior Ka’aina Menzano said.

The presentation was an eye-opener and inspiration to possible alternatives for one’s future. Many opportunities and resources can do so much more than what they’re simply bargained.