Cards were signed for Rebecca Capitano, who worked in the Carson High School attendance office, after she died in February. (Photo courtesy of Charisma Mosley)
Carson High School

Column: Remembering Rebecca Capitano

Walking into the attendance office was a routine for the majority of students at Carson High School. When someone approached the counter, they were greeted by none other than Rebecca Capitano, or Ms. Rebecca, as the students called her.

Many of her colleagues spoke very highly and her dedication to her job here at Carson Senior High School. Students and staff were shocked when the news broke that she had passed away, and the halls filled with students trying to figure out if it was true.

Capitano was a Carson alumnus — she graduated with the class of 1981.

The tragic day of Feb. 28 was the day Carson High School lost her. Her helpfulness and strong commitment to her daily duties as a member of the staff and past student will always be remembered and treasured forever.

“I had to go to her a lot during the beginning of first semester because my classes were messed up and she was really helpful,” Carson sophomore Ayanna Brown said. “I just wish this would’ve never happened.”

Carson High School principal Dr. Windy Warren said Capitano’s faithfulness and love for the school had an effect on the staff and students.

“She’s been here 25 years and loved her place in the community and always wanted there to be a positive light shined on this school and everyone who came in and out of here. She never complained and was so trustworthy. I could rely on her to do any and everything, and I know it would get done.”

Capitano meant a lot to several people who roam the Carson campus. She made people’s days easier and took on their stress and never complained. She was a role model for every student she came across and always wanted to help someone.

“Sad, I still feel sad and shocked, I had just talked to Ms. Rebecca the day before… we talk basically every single day so I’m still shocked,” said CHS Dean Allen when asked about his reaction when he found out.

Carson High School began welcoming students in 1961, and 16 years later, Ms. Rebecca Capitano stepped onto this campus and stayed the rest of her life. The community of Carson High School has sent their thoughts and prayers to Capitano’s family and friends.