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Crazy creative — Young filmmaker completes biggest project yet

Carson High School senior Jason Bauguess recently filmed, edited, co-directed and starred in a short film based on Key Kesey’s critically acclaimed novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Although the 11-minute project was meant to be the visual aid for a review of the film’s eponymous source material, Bauguess used the opportunity to flex his creative muscles and put his editing skills to use.

Despite Kesey’s novel including serious subject matter, Bauguess wanted to entertain his classmates by injecting his own brand of humor and flair into the project, which was best represented in the film by a party montage and an after-credits stinger.

“I really enjoyed the film and I believe most of the class enjoyed it as well. It had a lot of humor in it while [being] narratively spot on from the book,” Jasmine Santa Cruz, a CHS senior said.

The film was well-received by Bauguess’s classmates; they laughed through nearly the entire run time and, as the credits rolled, erupted in applause in praise of the video.

“Making the film was challenging but also a great experience. We [as a creative team] didn’t capture exactly what we had originally envisioned, however, it was fun getting to be on set and seeing everyone’s potential shine through, whether that be the actors or the staff.” Bauguess said.

Bauguess simply has a knack for video editing. He frequently uploads his vlogs, short films and skits to his YouTube channel “Jason B,” as well as on the channel of his SoundCloud-based collective “The Coldboys.”

Bauguess’s interest in filmmaking is nothing new. Ever since Bauguess was young, he’s wanted to be a storyteller.

“When I was younger I would make YouTube videos. They were really bad but through that I was able to learn the basics of editing; and after gaining experience, I feel that I’ve gotten decent at it. There is a lot of people that have so much potential that have small followings. That just gives me motivation to continue striding to become a filmmaker,” Bauguess said.

Senior Kevin Delicana, a close friend of Bauguess’s and star of the “Cuckoo’s Nest” adaptation, described working with Bauguess on creative ventures as a pleasure. He’s frequently collaborated with Bauguess as both an actor and a confidant.

“[Jason] has skills both as a director and as an editor, which instills confidence in me for whatever he’s making,” said Delicana. “He always sets an ensuring atmosphere.”

Perhaps more valuable than Bauguess’s skills, however, are his worth ethic and mindset.

“[Jason] works relentlessly on his films, especially when they’re of concern to his academics. It amazes me how dedicated he is to editing and filming in a timely manner,” Delicana said.

Behind the editing and directing skills lies a human being. Bauguess is known for going out of his way to help friends and strangers alike, even when it is inconvenient to him. It is these qualities that many believe both make Bauguess a standout individual and will allow him to pave his unique path to success. The aspiring filmmaker can count on his friends and family to support him on every step along that path.

For now, Bauguess is keeping his head down and working hard on honing his craft.

Bauguess’s “Cuckoo’s Nest” short film can be seen below:

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