Carson High School

Early 2000s boy band B2K announce reunion tour

In 1998, an American boy band was created and made standout R&B music of their time. Boys of the New Millennium were very popular, but most fans know them as B2K.

The members of the group are Omarion, Raz B, Lil’ Fizz, and J Boog. On Dec. 31, 2018, tour dates were released and the band will hit the U.S. in early March. There are over two dozen tour dates and it will conclude with its last state on April 28 in Louisville, Kentucky.

“I would love to go to the B2K tour because I would like to hear my favorite song ‘Bump, Bump, Bump’ in person,” Carson High School senior student Sasha Floyd said.

On Instagram, all of the group members like Omarion and Lil’ Fizz have said this is a show you do not want to miss because this will be the first time they performed together in over a decade.

“This will be a good show because they all had beef in the past but are coming together for their fans,” CHS senior Kayla Conley said.

Other artists including Mario, Pretty Ricky, Ying Yang Twins, Bobby V, and Lloyd will be at this reunion as well. However, most are looking forward to seeing the original members of B2K perform.

“J Boog [is the best] because he’s local and he knows what it’s like to be from the South Bay,” said Academy of Medical Arts senior, Andrea Validez. “I would go to their tour because I want to see Boog because I’m a big fan of his, and I have been a big fan for a while.”

Tickets are selling fast, so if you plan to go, you need to purchase them now!