Carson High School

Everything CHS students need to know about Senior Dues

Attention all Carson High School seniors, graduation is just a few months away, but have you paid all of your senior dues? If not, are you going to pay them?

The whole main idea of paying senior dues is to get more graduation tickets. Who wouldn’t want that? If you pay your dues on time, you will receive three additional tickets. So it total, that’s five tickets with the two tickets you’re already receiving because you’re a Carson graduate.

Seniors dues are currently $55. It pays for the graduation venue, senior activities, the senior hoodie ($25) and t-shirt ($15), and the panorama picture which will be taken on CHS football field March 7.

Other senior activities such as Prom is Saturday, May 26, is $100 per person including guests under the age of 20, and is located at The Alexandria Ballroom in Los Angeles.

Grad night is going to be held at Universal Studios Friday, June 8, for the cost of $120 per person.

“[There] should be more tickets given out with the packet, 2 tickets isn’t enough,” senior Zamarri Austin said.

Another CHS senior, Lauren Harvey, agreed with Austin.

“He doesn’t want to pay seniors dues, he just wants to graduate,” Harvey said.

The majority of the class of 2018 is looking forward to graduation, which will be held at CHS on Friday, June 8 on the football field. All seniors should pay senior dues to get more tickets to invite more family and friends.

Although it seems unfair to only receive five tickets to graduation, if senior dues aren’t paid, it not only affects you, but the whole class of 2018.