Carson High School

Feelings in bullying

All over the world, teenagers tend to bully each other because of popularity,  personal issues, or just “for fun.” The adults always punish the bullies but do not ever ask: what’s wrong? What’s going on? Or Are you okay?

Teens bully others for a reason, there is a story behind every act or movement that is made. Being a bully causes many pains toward the bully and the person who is being bullied, but everyone only focuses on the victim.

Bullying is not okay, but the adults of this world do not do enough to stop the bullying. The bully doesn’t receive the help they need, nor does the victim, then the cycle usually just starts all over again.

Sometimes a bully keeps on the bullying act until they are an adult but only because no one talked to them, or payed attention to them. Usually a person becomes a bully because their parents do not treat them correctly or give them the love that they want or need.

A person can go through so many events at home and once they are somewhere else they see someone weaker than them and take their anger out on them. When a bully does their bullying they know who to bully and who not to bully. They go for the weak because they know the weak will not do anything to them.

Most bullies bully the weak because deep down inside they are just as weak as they are and they don’t want them to become like them. They try to do them a favor by bullying them and pushing them on edge and not really thinking that they are hurting them physically, mentally, and socially.

They don’t realize that the more they bully the more their victim feels less of themselves. Instead of actually trying to be their friends they be the enemy by doing what is done to them behind closed doors.

No one ever knows the true feelings behind a bully only behind the victim. Bullies need a attention and love just as much as anyone else in this world. Of course no one deserves to be bullied but no one pays attention to a person’s feelings in any situation.

Nobody in this world ever comes together to help anybody unless its an award involved. There is good people in this world to help but usually it’s rare and the bullying of this world never ends.