Carson High School

Carson wins First Place Sharp Champions

Colorguard and Flaggies won their first competition at Torrance high school on Saturday March 3, for the Sharp Competition. The girls got first place for Sharp Champions and Division winners. These girls put hard work and dedication into their practices and performances.

Both of these teams practice everyday from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. These practices everyday pay off with the outstanding performances the girls bring to the table. Color Guard had a theme performance that was called “PJ party.” Flaggies performances goes into the division of pop music.  

Carson PAMA teacher and Advisor, Shirley Wong, said, “I’m extremely proud of both my teams for winning that big trophy. This was the first time the two teams competed together and their combined high scores got them the grand champion title. I’m so proud to be their advisor.”

Senior colorguard captain Nayeli Qurioz said, “We had been preparing our routine for 2 months with our slumber party theme and went to show out to show it off. We went out and performed our best and the judges thought so too.”     

Academy of Medical Arts Junior Flaggie Caitlin David states, “ I felt very happy that our team earned first place for both two flag and one flag divisions, it’s such a great feeling when you put in hard work and earn something good in return.”

The team winning this big trophy has inspired both of our colorguard and flaggies team. The inspiration that they have from this experience is that they want to keep pushing and keep striving to win more trophies ahead of them. They will be having more competitions later; the next competition for flaggies is April 7 called Miss Drill in Irvine, so let’s wish our girls some luck!