Carson High School

Freedom restricted

At Carson High School, cell phones are not prohibited during breaks or passing period.  This is a childish rule because high school is meant to prepare students for the real world, and limiting freedom during non-instructional periods of time is unreasonable.

Using cellular devices during breaks allows students to rest their minds from learning. This is equivalent to an employee taking breaks to refresh their minds from long labor, which is a real-world example administrators should take notice of when restricting something students should be free to use.

CHS senior Vincent Brock, “We have two hour periods every day, the least [administrators] can do is provide us with a little treat.”

The misleading part that people think about when using phones during school at any time is that it factors into why students have poor academics. The truth is that without phones, students wouldn’t have anything to look forward to after each class period.

Still, students need to remember that the rule will not change if use of cell phones takes away from instructional time. Administrators and teachers have observed many students on their phones when they claim to need to use the restroom or during passing period which can cause tardies or extended loss of time in class.

CHS Dean Allen said,”The rule has already been relaxed, but we still see that students are irresponsible and selfish about how they want to use their electronics”

If CHS students prove that they are responsible, they should be treated like the young adults that they claim to be. Something so little can have an effect on students and how they view their school. Phone usage can be motivation for waking up every morning, knowing that they can have time for themselves during their hectic high school careers.