The girls rugby team from Carson High School in 2018. (Photo courtesy of Carson High School girls' rugby team)
Carson High School

Girls’ Rugby is a success at CHS

This year, Carson High School has decided to add a new sport called Rugby. This is the first time CHS has had a Rugby team. It has been a success because they have won three championships so far.

Zonaye Tupola, a sophomore said,“Winning the championship for the high school division and then taking both cups in Las Vegas internationals was an indescribable feeling. It just shows how much hard work we put in with our training three times a week and everyday practice for three hours as well. The past three seasons we came up short in Vegas so this one meant a lot for me and my team”.

The rugby team has traveled very far to play against different teams, such as New Zealand.

Ahnea Aupiu, a sophomore in the Academy of Education and Empowerment, said, “Playing against international teams were a challenge. They were all new faces to us so it was hard for us to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Beating the New Zealand team, was such a blessing. This year we wanted to go home with a trophy; we came home with not only one, but two trophies.”

“It was a humbling experience. We’ve fallen short for rugby for the past years and we finally took it all. I found out that both championships took place on the same weekend so I had to make a choice on which one I wanted to do but I really wanted to do both so my parents agreed on letting me do both,” said sophomore Manaia Moala. “In regards to rugby I was speechless and emotional, the best feeling of my life. I then came home for my basketball game, in which we later became CIF division 1 champion. I put in a lot of work trying to balance my times with both sports and I am so happy I chose both. COLT LOVE!!”

Siniva Mailo said,“From personal training, to maintaining a 3.8 GPA, it took a lot of work and dedication. Everyone sees the success, but no one sees the grind behind the scenes. Winning these three championships were very rewarding. We played a total of six games in one day and were running back and forth from field to field trying to make both games with no time to rest. It was crazy, but we did it…We won it all.”

Senior Brooklyn Vaifanua, and captian of the team said,“First and foremost, I give all glory to God because without him, all that we’ve done thus far wouldn’t be possible. But being honored at the city hall was truly a blessing. My team and I have worked so hard. Being a senior and a captain made everything more special & then being honored with three championships at the city hall was a bonus putting Carson back on the map.”

Our rugby team is something new this year, minus it being a rough sport, CHS supports them for working hard and stayed dedicated. Way to go Rugby, continue your success.