Carson High School


SPED stands for special education. Unified Sports is a program going on five years that allows special education students to participate in sports, with the help of general education. General ed and special ed both compete throughout the district against different schools. Varsity is made up of general ed and special ed students, whereas Junior Varsity is only special ed kids. There are only three sports in this division: soccer, softball, and their winner sport, basketball. This program is not only helping the special ed kids but is also benefiting the general ed students.

“It gives everyone a chance to one: work on their social skills and then understand that you know, despite our differences were all pretty similar”, said Ms.Hernandez one of the coaches for Unified Sports. “It’s unfortunate that because of our differences they [special education students] get picked on or bullied so this I said will at least help [general education students] understand too that were all the same.”

Unified sports not only provides the exercise but it makes people realize that it’s not okay to pick on someone because they’re a little different. It teaches the value of friendship, respect, and self-worth.