Carson High School

Is America overreacting?


It’s not a surprise anymore. Continuous cases of police brutality not being dealt with is starting to make America shake. Where is the hope for colored people who are continuously being pulled over for no reason?Often, this leads to arrest or even death. These occurrences are starting to make blacks feel unsafe, and some don’t even know how to deal with the problem. President Donald Trump adds more fuel to the fire when he insults the NFL players who are peacefully protesting against police brutality.

Colin Kaepernick, ex NFL player for the 49ers started the protest against police brutality in the U.S.  by sitting down during the national anthem. Throughout the season, he started to kneel in consideration of or combat fighters, as a sign of respect. In a CNN article “These are the NFL players protesting today amid Trump criticism”, by Elliot McLaughlin and Darren Simon,  Kaepernick felt that he would not honor the national anthem or “show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

Moreover he explains that this protest is not out of disrespect to the combat fighters, it is a protest fighting for the rights of the colored people who are being treated so unfairly.

In a discussion with Carson High student Jeremiah Wingo (GBLG), he explains that “I feel that the protest good because if we don’t protest, then the problem will get worse.”

He felt that this whole problem is for the amelioration of the country and that the “people are just overreacting and don’t really look at it from the other side”.

Vincent Brock, also a Carson High student (ESET)  feels that this protest is good because it “ shows our individuality”, however when asked was America overreacting, he responded “no because what Donald Trump shows is a reflection of what other countries think of us.”

“Some people wanted to do it, but they didn’t know the true purpose of it. We talked about it as a team with alumni and decided no to do it,” said CHS senior Denaylan Fuimaono

Still in respect of our combat fighters, this protest should keep spreading to open the rest of America’s eyes. People are overreacting to this situation, because they are not considering the  other side, and what the colored people have gone through, so it’s harder for them to sympathize. Whether or not the protest continues, players should only be able to protest to a certain extent and need to understand what exactly their cause is.