It has been a long time coming

In our everyday life as teens we don’t usually value the people who sacrifice their blood, sweat and tears to get us where we are today. Although, we may not be in the workforce a man named Harry Bridges has benefited our parents careers and someday will be benefiting us. He can also be used for inspiration as a public figure. In history books they do not teach you about this man but this will show you how he can inspire you to achieve your goals today and how it is significant in everyday life.

Harry Bridges was known as one of the most successful leaders in the American Labor Movement. He led thousands of marine workers such as longshoreman, sailors, fisherman and etc, in the Monumental Strike that uplifted unionism on the west side. Bridges also was one of the main leaders for the Pacific Coast Waterfront workers. He built a union called the International Longshoremen and Warehousemen Union , short for ILWU , which is still one of the most successful and active unions in the nation. He is heroic because he believed in what he stood for ,”his uncompromising devotion to his union and his faith in the ultimate wisdom and triumph of his organization’s rank and file,” according to the ILWU website.

In life , everything is not fair but Harry Bridges stood up for what he believed in and what he thought was right and did not stop until he got justice. He was Australian-American , born in Australia July 28th 1901 and was not a naturalized citizen until 1945. Being a excellent union leader you will always have those who are against you, the people who were against him accused him of serving Communist purposes and then the federal government had several unsuccessful attempts to deporting him.

His characteristics and qualities can help us achieve our goals today by showing leadership demonstrating confidence and having courage. He inspired me to become a leader, and to step out of my comfort zone and do something above and beyond the criteria that is needed to achieve my goals. Being a black leader today is hard and even though Harry Bridges is not physically here guiding me in the right direction. Mentally he is inspiring me by giving me an example of what a leader is and that is my motivation. Knowing that he is human and had a great impact on the world gives me every piece of aspiration and ambition in my body to make a change in the world even if it’s just something small in my community.

In the American constitution it states; life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Harry Bridges was not happy with life because he wasn’t getting the proper liberty of labor. This gave him motive to fight for what he wanted and that made him a patriotic citizen. This is why teens should learn about him in U.S history so we can honor this great man for what he did and so he can inspire us to be the next great leaders of America.

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